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Cyber Bullying Current Event

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The article “Verdict in MySpace Suicide Case’, by Jennifer Steinhauer, is about a mother (Lori Drew) and her daughter (Sarah Drew), harassing Megan Meier (a girl that Sarah Drew did not like) on MySpace. Sarah and her mother made a fake MySpace, pretending that it was a boy named Josh Evans, talking to Megan. “Josh” sent Megan a message one day, saying,” The world would be a better place without you.” Megan responded back just minutes later; saying,” You’re the kind of boy a girl would kill herself over.” The same afternoon that Megan responded to that message, she hung herself in her bedroom. The jury in the court rejected the government’s contention saying that Ms. Drew had no intention to harm Megan, but she did. The jury found Ms. Drew guilty of accessing a computer without authorization on three occasions. Ms. Drew could serve up to three years in jail, and have fines over $300,000.


Personally, I believe that cyber-bullying is wrong; I don’t see why people feel the need to hurt somebody to the point that they kill theirself. The article was very interesting to read, and Lori Drew got what she deserved for making Megan kill herself. Megan’s mother, had hoped that Ms. Drew would serve jail time for what she did, and she was satisfied for that. Her mother said that it was worth it, being in court every day waiting for the verdict. This article was also sad to read, knowing that a 13 year committed suicide, over a message that should not have been sent at all. Cyber bullying is not right at All. Some people obviously have no lives if all they want to do is bully, and harass someone, until that person is dead. It’s not right.

Outside Connection:

I think A LOT of people could take several lessons away from this article. Just recently on Twitter, people were cyber-bullying this one girl. I won’t say her last name, her name is Shelby though. At least 20 different people were ‘hashtagging’ on Twitter about her. For example; people were saying, “#shelby******(starred out her last name) is nasty, gross, etc.” Shelby was posting on Facebook that she was crying her eyes out over people saying this rude stuff about her. I get where she is coming from, because I have also been a victim of cyber-bullying. When I was in 5th grade, I would get Yahoo! Emails from my former friend Summer on my former friend Lindsey’s e-mail account; saying all this rude stuff about me, like ‘I’m having Lindsey type this for me because my nails are better than yours, they’re disgusting.” I was in 5th grade, sorry for painting my nails instead of getting them done? People are rude; which is exactly why I do not socialize with a lot of people anymore. I don’t like their drama. :)

Key Words:

Suicide: The intention of taking one’s own life.

Harassment: The act of harassing.





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  1. By: Mrs. Candela on January 18, 2012 at 2:26 pm      Reply

    Yikes! Your Twitter example is very upsetting! It is a mature choice to just stay out of the drama, but who will stand up for the Shelby’s of the world? I think there must be stiffer penalities dealing with these issues.

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